Suzuki GS1000R XR69 TTF1 Factory racer '81 and '82

The secret weapon

These bikes were my favourites. At the end of 1979 I had scored myself a factory contract with Suzuki riding both 2 and 4 stroke bikes and was summoned to their test track at Hamamatsu to test the new GS1000R XR69 and the XR34 500cc GP bike. I rode the XR69 at a testing session and was impressed because it had a lot of GP equipment on it like brakes and forks etc..... same as what was on the 500GP bike. I also knew Pop's Yoshimura previously so when Yoshimura Japan were handed the development part of the GS1000 I was stoked. We had fun with this bike. It gave me plenty of victories including 2 world championships and 2 TT wins. The 1981 version was the best with the introduction of the full floater suspension. Roger Marshall ran the 1981 bikes in the 1982 season when he joined Suzuki and was very successful.

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